The best start for a brilliant future

Heathfield Junior School... a place where every child feels important, succeeds and aspires to something greater.

We achieve this through a broad and exciting curriculum combined with a focus on individual needs and a nurturing and united community.

We challenge our children to be ambitious learners who strive for excellence and achievement across all aspects of school life. Children come first: everything we do is designed for their learning, enjoyment and success.

Our goal is to enrich their lives both now and in the future.

A glimpse into school life.

Our aims

  1. Provide a range of high quality learning opportunities that provide for individual needs and abilities and challenge all children to aim for and attain high standards
  2. Provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment to motivate all children to develop fully academically and socially and to be rigorous in the encouragement of this development
  3. Be a happy community in which everyone is encouraged to take an equal and responsible part
  4. Develop an understanding of and respect for others, our community and the wider world and a respect for people and property
  5. Celebrate effort and achievement in all areas of life
  6. Develop home school partnerships which support and foster children's success

Key Stage 2 SATs Results 2022


Expected Standard
(74% National Results)


Expected Standard
(69% National Results)


Expected Standard
(71% National Results)


Reading, Writing & Maths
Expected Standard
(59% National Results)

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

22.3 / 25

Average Score
(19.8 National Average)


Percentage of Pupils
Getting Full Marks
(27% National Average)

21.1 / 25

Average Score For
Disadvantaged Pupils
(17.9 National Average)

22.7 / 25

Average Score For Pupils Not Known To Be Disadvantaged
(20.5 National Average)

What our parents say

  • After 14 years of sending 3 children to Heathfield all we can say is a massive 'thank you' for all your help, support and kindness.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • We were very pleased with our child's report and the progress he has made.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • The SEN support is so clear and my child is more confident now.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • The best school ever! Thank you!!!

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • So very proud of my child. Glad others see what we see!

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Very proud of my Year 6 child's results. Thank you to the teachers who helped guide him throughout these years.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Would highly recommend.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Both my children have thrived at this school. Best decision we made.

    Parent Survey comment 2022

A glimpse into school life

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I know you will see how successful the Federation has been and how ambitious we are for the future.
Paul Clayton, Executive Headteacher