All children are expected to read with an adult every night. Parents/carers should sign their child's reading diary to show that reading has been completed. These are checked by class teachers every morning and are also used to support home/school communication: parents and teachers use the diaries to write messages in.


Children in every year group receive spelling homework on a Monday as part of a lesson to teach the spelling pattern of the week. They are able to select from a 'menu' of practice activities and these are completed in their spelling homework book. Books are returned by the Friday of the same week when spelling tests take place.


Written Homework

Homework is set on a Monday to be returned on the following Monday. In exceptional circumstances, where a child is unable to complete their homework, a note should be included in their reading diary.

  • Children in Years 3 and 4 receive one piece of homework a week (either maths or non-core related).
  • Children in Years 5 and 6 receive two pieces of homework a week: one maths and one non-core.

Holiday Homework

hese are open--nded tasks linked to a science, history or geography topic. Children take great pride in producing models, booklets, posters and PowerPoint presentations. The standard of work is of a very high standard and never ceases to amaze the staff!



Some websites that may be useful in supporting your child's learning: