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The best start for a brilliant future

Heathfield... a place where every child feels important, succeeds and aspires to something greater.

We achieve this through a broad and exciting curriculum combined with a focus on individual needs and a nurturing and united community.

We challenge our children to be ambitious learners who strive for excellence and achievement across all aspects of school life. Children come first: everything we do is designed for their learning, enjoyment and success.

Our goal is to enrich their lives both now and in the future.

A glimpse into school life.

We Value

  1. Respect for ourselves and others
  2. Contributions to the community
  3. An enthusiasm to learn
  4. Hard work and commitment
  5. Confidence to try new things
  6. Celebrating everyone's contribution

Reception & Year 1 2019


Good Level of Development
(72% nationally)


Year 1
Phonics Screening Check Passed
(82% nationally)

A glimpse into school life

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Year 2 SATs 2019


Expected Standard
(75% National Results)


Expected Standard
(69% National Results)


Expected Standard
(76% National Results)


Reading, Writing & Maths
Expected Standard
(65% National Results)

I know you will see how successful the Federation has been and how ambitious we are for the future.
Paul Clayton, Executive Headteacher

What our parents say

  • Ms Burningham and Mrs Brazier have both been amazing teachers to my child. She loves them and Ms Burningham has realy become her role model and someone she looks up to. Thank you for the AMAZING TEACHERS.

    Parent Survey comment 2021
  • I'm very happy that I chose Heathfield for my child, as I have seen my daughter gaining confidence and she loves to go to Nursery which wasn't the case in her previous nursery. I would recommend to other parents.

    Parent Survey comment 2021
  • During the lockdown and also when I was in hospital both Mrs Grant and Mrs Watson helped her so much and make so much effort so that she can do her homework independently and am really grateful. Thumbs up!!!

    Parent Survey comment 2021
  • I am extremely pleased with my son's report. The way the school dealt with home learning fantastic.

    Parent Survey comment 2021
  • Thank you for creating such a fun and educational environment in Nursery for my child. We really appreciate it. Teachers like you are one in a million! Thank you for everything that you do.

    Parent Survey comment 2021
  • Considering the challenges of the past year, with thanks to the kindness, dedication and hard work of the teachers and staff my daughter has had a successful year in both her academic and personal growth.

    Parent Survey comment 2021
  • We are very proud of our child's report, he really enjoys school and we are very pleased with his progress.

    Parent Survey comment 2021
  • I am really happy with my son's report. It's always nice to read a personal comment as you know my son inside and out. Thank you to everyone in Narwhal Willow class for being so AMAZING.

    Parent Survey comment 2021